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Merchant of Venice

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How To Succeed In Business...


Summer 2016

Barbara Mertes Center

     Trevor loved playing the role of J. Peirrepont Finch in "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." It was his first time being the lead in a musical and showed him that he has all the tools to carry a show. It will always hold a special place in his heart.

Fun Fact!

One of Trevor's favorite parts of the show, was getting to slide down a ladder backstage from the top to bottom floor to make his second entrance on stage.

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Fun Fact!

One Matinee there was an accidental collision during Be Our Guest and Trevor's plate hand shattered center stage! 

Nov-Dec 2016

Marian Theatre PCPA

    Trevor very much enjoyed getting to be part of the PCPAs' production of Beauty and the Beast. Getting to work side by side with his Teachers on stage was a real treat.

Beauty And The Beast

Voices In Our Head

      Trevor created a three person cabaret called "Voices In Our Heads" where he and his two close friends got to work on a compilation of some of their favorite songs. While shedding light on the fact that we all have had times we have second guessed ourselves, and have had to make tough decisions. However despite the voice in our heads if we stay true to ourselves, we can keep growing towards who we are supposed to be.

March 1st 2017


Fun Fact!

Trevor made his entrance into this show from a classroom closet!





May 18-20 2017

PCPA: Severson Theatre


      Trevor loved working on Launcelot in PCPA's production of "The Merchant of Venice." The director was very keen on the improvisatory nature of the role and encouraged that in Trevor's performance.

Which lead to a lot of fun moments between him and the audience! 

Fun Fact!

In an improvised moment on stage Trevor sat on the lap of a lucky audience member.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored

Dream Coat

of 2017

Sierra Repertory Theatre

This was Trevor's first professional show after he graduated from PCPA! And Joseph, funnily enough, was Trevor's first community theater show at age 11 when he appeared in the children's chorus. So it really came full circle that it was his first show working towards his Equity card.

Fun Fact!

To prepare for show Trevor and some of the other brothers would each do fifty push ups before entering the stage.

Next To Normal

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

Spring of 2018

Trevor had the pleasure of being Gabe in Next to Normal. One of his all time favorite shows, and this show in particular was one of his favorite theatre experiences thus far. Getting to sing songs that he has sung in his car since he was in high school, on stage and getting to tell the full story was a dream come true.  

Trevor received great reviews for his performance, here is one.

Fun Fact!

After the show, Trevor ended up dating the girl who played his sister Natalie in Next to Normal.

"Gabe, who must a) be every mother’s dream son (and occasional demon) and b) reach sky-high notes with effortless ease, March not only meets both challenges, he adds heartbreaking emotional notes to the older sibling’s final scenes, all of the above adding up to the most memorable of the eight Gabes I’ve seen."

- Stage Scene LA

"The interpretation of long-haired Davey from Trevor March is littered with hilarity, a young man swallowed whole by life – be it his damaged bicycle, his head being used as target practice or his horrid plan which involves an orange cat and shoe polish."  - David John Chavez

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

San Jose Stage Company

Fall 2018

Trevor had a feckin good time getting to work on this dark Irish comedy by Martin Mcdonagh.  Nailing down a western Irish accent proved to be a lot of fun, and getting to sport around a mullet was just a cherry on the top. 

Fun Fact!

Trevor had to shower after every show, because by the end of the play he was sitting in ten gallons of fake blood.

The Genesis Opera 

December 1st 2018

Madrid Theatre

​The idea of this project was to take direct quotes from the Bible and set them to a score of music to tell the story of Genesis. 

Though Trevor has had past experience with Rock-Operas, this was his first proper Opera.

Playing Cain was an eye opening experience  into seeing the so often villainized character through human eyes. 

Fun Fact!

Trevor had an unplanned minute long death scene in one of the live performances due to technical difficulties.

Pirates of Penzance 

The Glendale Center Theater 

March - April 2019

Throughout this process Trevor fell in love with the farcical nature of this show. He and his cast found countless bits and extra fun moments durring there time as pirates and policemen.

Fun Fact!  

There was a 30 second to 2 minute bit added after the second Policemen song where the Police Sargent ripped off Trevor's fake mustache, breaking the fourth wall and creating a shtick of "the falling off mustache" that lasted the rest of the show.

Hello Dolly!

April - June 2019

At SLO Rep

Hello Dolly! Is such a pure and beautiful show. Getting to be Cornelius reminded Trevor how precious life is, to seize the day, to make the time to have fun, and to treasure every moment.

The mission on this show was- 

 "Love is out there for those who are willing to risk for it" 

-Brad Willcuts

Fun Fact! Trevor is staring at the trunk in this photo because his cast mate Elliot (Barnaby) is hiding inside of it.


San Francisco Shakes

July 2019

Trevor taught at SF Shakespeare festival. An intensive program where throughout the course of one week kids learn how to interpret Shakespearean language as well as at the end of the week put on a play! Kids also learn other acting skills like how to find intention, the use of tactics on a scene partner, how to unlock iambic pentameter to find the stressed and unstressed syllables/phrases and of course some really fun games and activities!


Summer of 2019

Trevor has been wanting to move to New York for a very long time. He had never even visited before he made the move but knew it was going to be a home as soon as he got there. He was there for all of a New York minute because as soon as he was there he learned he had booked The Polar Express back in LA just in time for the Holidays! While he was in NY city he saw about 15 Broadway and Off Broadway shows and went to countless auditions. Before he left the city he had booked his next job through September of 2020. 

The exact train car that Trevor's show was in was the car the Universal Studios movie based their animation off of.

Fun Fact


Nov - Dec 2019

Trevor joined the cast of the Polar Express as Know it All! Aboard a real train, passengers got to enjoy a famous cup of hot cocoa and make their way to the North Pole singing! After, Santa made an appearance and delivered bells to all who believe. 

Disney Cruise Line

Dec 2019 - Dec 2021

Trevor enjoyed the experience of the rehearsal studio in Canada. He was thrilled to be close friends with Peter Pan as well as Iago. He also got to be friends with Ethan Brightmen and see what Arendelle is like in the Summer!

Fun Fact

Iago and Genie where room mates throughout the entire rehearsal process, and though the show doesn't reflect it they are thick as thieves!


Autumn 2020

Short Film Now Streaming

During the Pandemic Trevor co-wrote, produced, and stared in Zemblanity. He had an idea that popped into his mind and thought, I should write that! So he did! He called up his good friend Spencer Mead and now (almost 2 years later) you can watch on YouTube the project they created. Zemblanity went out to festivals and won several awards including Trevor receiving a Best Actor Award.  


Fun Fact! 

The majority of this movie is shot in one take. On the day of shooting it was so windy it almost made their steady camera unusable. They took an early  lunch to pray and problem solve what to do next. When their lunch ended the wind on the top of the hill in San Francisco had ceased.



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Something Rotten!

Spring 2022

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

Trevor had the great honor of playing “The One, The Only, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE” and had an absolute blast! Ever since he first heard the OBC Recording and saw the national tour with Adam Pascal he knew Something Rotten! was a dream show and Shakespeare was a dream role. Trevor’s many years as a theatre nerd prepared him well to lean into all of the cheese this culmination cheese omelette of a show is stuffed with. 


Trevor’s Favorite Shakespeare Character is Malvolio from Twelfth Night

Trevor’s First Shakespeare show was Comedy of Errors where you played Antipholus of Syracuse 

“Best of all are the supporting star turns - delivered by March, who makes sexy rock star Will Shakespeare the swoon-worthy love child of David Bowie and Elvis”

- Stage Scene LA

Something Rotten!(Part 2)

Santa Barbara 
at the Garvin Theatre
Summer 2022

Trevor got to reprise his role as Shakespeare in the SBCC production of Something Rotten! for one weekend only! Their original Shakespeare got Covid and Trevor had only 4 hour of rehearsal to step into the role with all new blocking, sets, costumes, lights, and cast he had never even met before! 

Fun Fact!

During Trevors first run of Something Rotten! There were originally six weekends of shows scheduled, two weekends were fully canceled due to Covid and Trevor only got to perform in three. He missed a weekend because he alone got covid their second to last weekend. So this production felt like he was getting his missed shows back!  


Something Rotten!
(Part 3)

Nigel this time! 
The Forestburgh Playhouse in Upstate New York
Summer 2022

Trevor was so excited to play Nigel Bottom this go around. To carry the heart of this incredible story was a gift to say the least. Not to mention the honor it was to work with his brilliant cast and creative team attached with the project!

Fun Fact!

Trevor performed the role with two different Portia’s due to an understudy going on the entire first week. A blessing in Disguise that he was able to work with both Caroline Borio and Jessi Kirtley!




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