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 Coaching with Trevor

“Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances” - Stanford Meisner

     Trevor has always loved digging into a script/scene. He is passionate about finding the writer’s intent and making choices with the concrete support of what is written on the page. Doing this detective work is something Trevor has always loved to do and has booked him many jobs. Determining when beat shifts happen and finding the best pallet of tactics to play with is key to a strong performance. Coaching other people through this process gives Trevor great joy.


     Coaching is always collaborative. Trevor is always excited to work with people who know their material and are ready to play. Actors need to know their characters inside and out. Having a thorough understanding of who this person is, is what’s going to make you the best in telling this person’s story. 


     Trevor has also been doing this a long time and has seen a lot of sides. Sometimes you get vague scenes without a lot of context and just need help. It happens and is understandable. That’s where we get into the little text we have. We create the character’s world, get specific on the character’s point of view, look into any other context in the breakdown, IMDB, Google, YouTube, or anything we can find, and we make the strongest choices we can. 


     Trevor believes in having fun while acting and coaching. After all, this business is professional make-believe! Trevor knows people learn best when they learn by positive reinforcement and will always try to give notes and constructive criticism with care and specificity. Trevor wants to give you confidence in knowing you are putting out your best work and also help aid you in the journey of finding your own process. 

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