Trevor has known he has wanted to be an actor since he was seven and someone told him he could get paid to play dress up.  

He’s been doing it ever since!


Trevor is a proud dyslexic; he might not know which “L” on the back of his hand is the one that’s backwards, but he surly can make a joke about it!

The theater is the keeper of his heart, but he loves the perfection of cinema as well!  He loves to make audiences laugh with him or at him in a comedy and to make them hold their breath, or sit on the edge of their seats in a drama. 

Trevor didn’t realize he was a singer until he fell in love with show tunes and fell in love so hard he just had to sing along. 

He grew up in the Bay Area and always loves getting to work close to home. 

He’s a California spoiled boy, his preferred long walks take place along the beach as well as in vineyards or basically anywhere outdoors that is acceptable to bring a cheese platter along with!